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October 2023, Volunteer of the Month

October 2023

We are pleased to announce

Betty Guzman, MA, LMHC and Cornerstone Family Therapy

as the Mental Health Awareness of Michiana (MHAM)

Volunteer of the Month!  

MHAM’s volunteer of the month, Betty Guzman, has volunteered with the Pro Bono Counseling Project (PBCP) for approximately two years now and has been a fantastic addition to the PBCP.

When asked why she volunteers with the PBCP, she said, “Volunteering with this group feels so valuable because it provides a service to those who may not otherwise have access to it. I also appreciate that the Project supports therapists by providing internship opportunities, professional development, and an overall degree of guidance that helps prevent both growing and established therapists from feeling alone, discouraged, or burnt out.” 

Not only does she do tremendous work with the PBCP, but she also founded Cornerstone Family Therapy, with her husband Daniel. She further explained that “Cornerstone Family Therapy services a wide variety of individuals, anywhere from play therapy to family therapy, telehealth services, collaborative care, and more. While pro-bono work has always been important to me, our practice unexpectedly navigated a great deal of transition at the same time as the pandemic restrictions and shutdowns. During that period, though, we spent a lot of that time trying to establish how we wanted to serve the community more closely once stabilized.”

With upward movement in mind, Betty started setting goals. Guzman said, “One goal we are working diligently towards is the incorporation of non-profit status and associated services. The purpose of this, primarily, is to implement the resources we need specifically to offer a wider reach in the community, eventually being able to offer more group, specialized, and on-site services. This is a mission both inspired by and aligned with that of the PBCP. I can’t imagine a better partnership than to continue working alongside such a phenomenal organization as we forge our own way as well in the future!”

When Betty was asked if she had any advice for practitioners on the fence about working with the PBCP, she said, “DO IT. Where are my manners… I mean DO IT, please! Truly though, being a part of PBCP is mutually beneficial in that you as a therapist will access an amazing support system and professional support while also connecting with the populations you’re trying to reach as a clinician, in your own area! There’s simply no downside to it and your participation will help PBCP grow bigger, widen its reach, and increase its resources, simply by your being involved. On a personal level, I also believe it to be part of our therapeutic responsibility to adopt the mission of providing services to those with barriers to receiving them otherwise and this is a fantastic organization more than willing to support that mission.”

“I am so grateful for your commitment to serving the community through your participation in the Pro Bono Counseling Project.  Your practice, Cornerstone Family Therapy, is exceptional!” – Lisa Kelly, Executive Director, MHAM

Thank you for your service and dedication, Betty!

To learn more about the Pro Bono Counseling Project, check out the MHAM website HERE!

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