Maternal Mental Health

Did you know?

  • Approximately 15% of pregnant women significant depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.
  • One third of these women start experiencing symptoms for the first time during pregnancy – a time when well-meaning friends, family and even health care providers may dismiss their symptoms as “normal.” These women are often asked, “What’s wrong with you? You should be feeling happy and excited.” 
  • This reaction bolsters the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and can cause women to avoid talking to their medical providers about what they are experiencing. 

In fact… 

  • Half of the women experiencing symptoms during pregnancy will not seek help!
  • Many cannot afford behavioral health care, and still others cannot find trained behavioral health providers either due to insurance limitations, transportation problems, and language barriers.
  • Nearly all find it takes weeks to get an appointment and be seen by a trained professional for counseling and treatment.

Untreated depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses can have a devastating impact on both mother and unborn baby

  • A new mother’s confidence in herself and her ability to bond with her new baby or other children in the home can be affected by untreated mental health concerns.
  • Her ability to ask for, and receive help from, her medical providers and support network can be impaired. 
  • The experience can feel isolating, frightening, and devastating to a new mother.

Treatment Works! Please join us in helping improve our community’s access to Mental Health Care 

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