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June 2024 – Mental Health Volunteer Highlight

MHAM Volunteer Highlight June 2024

We are pleased to announce


as the Mental Health Awareness of Michiana (MHAM)

Volunteer Highlight for June!


MHAM’s volunteer highlight for June – Ashley Filley – has provided valuable assistance with our spring events!

When asked why volunteering with Mental Health Awareness of Michiana was important to her, she said:

“Helping to improve the understanding of . . . and reduce the stigma around mental health. Unfortunately, these issues are still not discussed enough across society leaving many alone in their struggles. I believe everyone should have access to the necessary help they need . . . Important work is being done to create a large scale change and I am here to do my part. The more you use your voice, the closer we are to destigmatizing our society.”

Jan Marable, Education & Events Coordinator, had this to say about Ashley:
“She volunteered with the March and May events. She, along with her daughter and daughter’s friend, were willing to help in various spots at the May Wellness Fair to make the event a success!”

To learn more about what we do, check out the MHAM website HERE!

Have more questions about mental health? Visit our parent organization, Mental Health America.

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