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February 2022, Volunteer of the Month

Paul is a volunteer clinician with MHAM’s Pro Bono Counseling Project (PBCP).  The PBCP connects individuals, couples, and families who are uninsured, underinsured, and unable to afford the cost of mental health treatment with a volunteer, licensed, and insured mental health clinician.  Volunteer clinicians provide short term counseling at no cost to the client.

Paul has participated in the PBCP since the pilot in 2021.  For Paul, volunteering his time to help others through the PBCP helps him to feel grounded and feel like he is having a direct impact on improving the quality of client’s lives.

Paul has over six years of experience working with individuals with mental and behavioral health issues. He utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based approaches to help individuals achieve their goals.  Paul is passionate about working with teens, young adults and individuals with substance use disorders. He has worked with individuals in inpatient services, community-based services, and correctional settings, among others.

Paul is married with two dogs. He is a native of South Bend and an avid collector of tropical plants. He and his partner opened up a garden store, The Botany Shop, in 2021. Paul enjoys connecting people to plants.

“Our volunteers and the Pro Bono Counseling Project continue to help individuals in accessing mental health care. I encourage you to join in on this great cause!” Angela Fitch, PBCP Project Coordinator.  We thank Paul for his commitment to volunteering with the PBCP.

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