UPCOMING CLASS: Perinatal Mental Health | Aug. 23 @ SJCPL, Community Learning Center

Racial Trauma: the complex trauma that never ends. Polyvagal regulating trauma based solutions.

August 27, 2021
12:00 pm- 2:00 pm
Mental Health Awareness of Michiana

Mental Health Awareness of Michiana is delighted to present this important workshop taught by Candice R. Dickens, LCPC, LCADC

This workshop is designed to examine how racial trauma is a hybrid form of post-traumatic stress disorder because of its insidious nature and symptomology. . Attendees will learn how to recognize the symptoms of racial trauma, identify triggers of racial trauma, examine how it differs from traditional PTSD and how it is connected to the polyvagal response. Therapeutic solutions will be offered as a means of helping with symptom regulation and relief.


  1. Define racial trauma using DSM VI criteria.
  2. Identify sign and symptoms of racial trauma
  1. Identify External triggers of relapse
  2. Examine the connection between Polyvagal Response, Neuro-reception, and racial trauma
  3. Attendees will learn Trauma-based Treatment Modalities for treating Racial Trauma

Speaker BIO:

Candice R Dickens is the owner of Cra Counseling and Consulting Agency and licensed as a clinical professional counselor in the District of Columbia and (Maryland). She is a frequent speaker at the Psychotherapy Networker, is a current PESI faculty member, and a past speaker at both the LCPCM and NAADC Conference. She specializes in the trauma-based therapies and is an advocate for combining trauma therapies and holistic treatment practices in treating complicated trauma.