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November Volunteer of the Month

We are pleased to announce Jean Rosengarten Davidson, LCSW, LMFT is the MHAM Volunteer of the Month!

Jean is a volunteer clinician with MHAM’s Pro Bono Counseling Project (PBCP). The PBCP connects individuals, couples, and families who are uninsured, underinsured, and unable to afford the cost of mental health treatment with a volunteer, licensed, and insured mental health clinician. Volunteer clinicians provide short term counseling at no cost to the client.

Jean is committed to reducing barriers to mental health care and being part of creating a healthier community. “I love being able to contribute to a healthier community (that’s a win for all of us!) by volunteering. The PBCP provides the support clinicians need by identifying clients in need, and matching them up with the right volunteer. Then, they support the volunteer, when special needs arise. That is what has been missing for me in the past – I was out there, spending hours resourcing …the PBCP has access to the resources, and plugs you in, when needed”.

Jean’s undergraduate degree is from Hanover College and she received her MSW from Indiana University – from back in the day when the MSW was only obtainable at the Indianapolis campus. Jean is trained in Mindfulness, EMDR, and has advanced training in Gestalt Therapy. Jean loves working with a wide range of clients. Her work is mostly with adults, through individual, couples, and family counseling.

Jean is originally from Indianapolis. She has been in private practice since 1990, and in the South Bend area since 1997. Jean has two grown sons, plus a bonus son, and three beautiful grandchildren, who she spends every Friday with, playing and laughing, and enjoying!

“Our volunteers have such a positive impact on the Michiana Community. The more volunteers the project has, the greater the impact will be”, Angela Fitch, PBCP Project Coordinator. We thank Jean for volunteering and her words of support for the PBCP,

“I encourage area therapists to volunteer!”

Interested in learning more about becoming a PBCP volunteer clinician?

Visit the MHAM website for more information or send us an email.

To learn about eligibility or to apply to receive counseling services through the Pro Bono Counseling Project, visit our website.

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  • Community Foundation of St. Joseph County

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