UPCOMING CLASS: Perinatal Mental Health | Aug. 23 @ SJCPL, Community Learning Center

How to Maintain a “Wonderful Life” as Advocates, Supporters, and Healers: Strategies for Social Workers and Helping Professionals to Promote Self Care

March 27, 2021
12:00 pm- 1:00 pm (Eastern)
Mental Health Awareness of Michiana, Margaret Jessop, PsyD

A career in social work and the helping professions can be very rewarding.  Sometimes, the work can leave us depleted and in need of rest and reassurance. We will explore ways we have been inspired in our work and how we influence others, how to hold on to each of our accomplishments as big or small as they might be, and how to use mindfulness strategies to manage the daily challenges that caring for others brings. Some light movement and meditation will be offered and can be done in a chair.


Margaret Jessop, PsyD, will lead this webinar.

Dr. Margaret Jessop is a local psychologist specializing in anxiety and mood disorders. Author of two books Hornet and Hippo Count the Stars a set of six mindfulness based stories for children ages 4-12 and Hornets and Hippos How to use Imagination, Mindfulness, and Brain Science to Decrease Fear and Anger and Reach Your Goals. Her most inspiring training came working as a preschool teacher and she recalls that “a group of twelve two years olds can teach you almost everything you need to know”. She currently offers workshops for both children and adults and both in person and virtual school visits for social emotional learning.